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The 6 P’s

Selecting a caterer can be a complicated process. The possible options, varying degrees of quality and differing approaches to service can all be dizzying. Are the products used locally sourced? Is the staff serving your guests thoughtfully trained and fairly compensated? Once you book your event, are there people accessible to you to help along the way and help alleviate stress?

It’s important to know how your partner in hosting approaches catered events. We have outlined our approach below. 


We believe a clearly defined process, cultivated from experience and expertise, ensures quality, consistency and a successful outcome when put into action. From the initial conversation to the final execution, our process is thoughtfully designed to see that you and your guests feel celebrated every step of the way.


Quality begins with a mindfulness for the products we use and how we source them. We believe in using hormone-free, naturally-raised proteins, seasonal wild fish, and fresh, local produce whenever possible. Because quality ingredients in the kitchen create a recipe for success at the table.


Combining a deep understanding and appreciation for the ingredients used, we prepare each item from scratch to create a depth of flavors that honors the classics, embraces cultural diversity, and evokes memorable experiences around the table.


Visual experiences set the stage for lasting memories. From imaginative and thoughtfully designed venues to the way we present our food, we allow artistry and creativity to foster an environment for your vision to come to life.


Memorable experiences are guided by the ways we engage and how those interactions make you and your guests feel. From behind-the-scenes to behind the bar, we believe great service is service led with empathy, warmth, and a genuine desire to see that every moment and every person feels celebrated.


We’re here to help people celebrate and connect by creating a virtuous cycle of generosity that leads to real hospitality. Because we believe that when people experience real hospitality, they extend that generosity and make the world better.