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"I trust roomforty to serve our most valuable clientele."

-Brant Cryder, President, Yves Saint Laurent


Welcome to catering by roomforty

You have an occasion to celebrate. Perhaps a wedding, a great sales quarter, or the release of your new album. It's an event you want to actually enjoy as you host, connect with guests, and create great memories. We are at your service to deliver the exceptional food and service that your event deserves.

We extend an invitation to what we call virtuous hospitality, where all of our effort, artistry and expertise, are devoted to one purpose: you and yours feeling celebrated and connecting over a great meal.

roomforty is catering of the highest order.
— Dan McCarroll, President, Warner Bros Records
What they do and who they are is changing the game in hospitality.
— Caitlin Crosby, Founder, The Giving Keys