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Photo Cred: Melissa Ryan

Antonio Diaz from Life & Thyme sat down with Steve to talk about how roomforty first emerged into the world of catering and how they became the first 'Restaurant Without Walls'.

(excerpt from Life & Thyme)

"Just keep pushing, guys!” Chef Libry called out to his kitchen brigade as they worked like an assembly line plating hundreds of dishes. On the plate is garganelli, chicken pate, house made ricotta, and crispy pork belly. Servers waited patiently outside of the kitchen with large wooden blocks to deliver the finished plates to the hundred or so guests sitting inside The Fig House, a venue space in Los Angeles.

I should be networking with the guests attending roomforty’s popup dinner with winemaker Paix Sur Terre, but you’re more likely to find me inside the kitchen observing and chatting with the cooks at most dinners. I’m intrigued by the whole process as I’ve never seen a catering company place so much attention to detail on presentation and flavor.

roomforty is no ordinary catering company. Their philosophy and flawless execution is more like a fine dining restaurant with extreme care for the food and a knack for hospitality. Although roomforty can be hired to cater events, they often host their own pop-up dinners with select winemakers at their beautiful space, The Fig House—designed by Emily Henderson.

I sat down with owner Steve Fortunato—who previously worked at Patina Group—to learn about about his personal journey and hear the story of how roomforty came to be.

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