Rescue Freedom Dinner

On April 7th we invited our friends from of Rescue Freedom, a non-profit group dedicated to stopping human trafficking internationally, to come and tell their story to a special group of inspirational people. There we served a five-course dinner, all tying back to the places Rescue Freedom focuses their efforts.  Click below to see a video from the evening.


We were so grateful to our community of friends that attended the evening. Included in the program was a special performance by singer-songwriter Greg Holden, as well as a heart-string pulling talk from Rescue Freedom founder Jeremy Vallerand about their work and the hope he has to make a huge impact on what is happening in the U.S. and overseas.

For the menu, we decided to a course from each country Rescue Freedom is operating in.  Below was the evenings courses and wine pairings.



first thailand


beef. peanut. cilantro. bloomsdale spinach. candy striped beets.


tooth and nail. the fragrant snare. paso robles. 2014.

chardonnay. gerwurtzraminer. muscat. viognier.  



second – tajikistan

 lamb charcuterie. yogurt. pickle. flatbread.


abbazia di novella. kerner. italy. 2014.



third – spain

octopus. chorizo. potato. saffron mustard. northern white bean.


il molino di grace. chianti classico. italy. 2012.




intermezzo – nepal

house fermented lychee soda. cilantro flower.


fourth – united states

pork belly. pea panna cotta. grapefruit. barbecue bordelaise.


chateau mangot. saint emilion grand cru. france. 2010.

merlot. cabernet franc. cabernet sauvignon.


fifth – india

curry ice cream. hazelnut cake. hibiscus curd.


A huge thank you to Ryan Haack for the epic photos and Myron Kim for the beautiful film. Hire these guys for your events. They’re world class. 

We will be doing another dinner next year with a similar format. We will once again contribute the costs of the event as our donation, and instead of selling tickets, we’ll maximize the support to Rescue Freedom by inviting a select group of friends, and making it cost free to you all. This way, both what would have been ticket sales and table sponsorship costs can be added to whatever you want to contribute.