roomforty is hiring

job title: sales coordinator

tasks include: the sales coordinator would be the primary contact for the client from the time of inquiry to the actual event day, and to that end has experience dealing with sales, client services, events, rentals, venues, and all of the aspects of the events industry. a critical distinction for interested parties is that our product is food and service–so someone would need to be knowledgable about food, or a very quick study. we need someone who is an articulate communicator (both on the phone and in emails), psychotically organized, comfortable with the negotiation process, natural at selling, and can maintain grace under pressure. creating proposed menus and contracts is a big piece of the scope of work. this position juxtaposes the creative/intuitive and administrative.

more details: the salary would be a combination of base plus commission. our office is located in highland park and and shares a property with the Fig House.

contact: please email cover letter and resumé to


A week before the Grammy’s, Jay Z and music royalty such as Madonna, Daft Punk, Rihanna, Niki Minaj, Beyonce, Jack White, Kanye West, Chris Martin and more gathered at The Fig House for a – then secret – meeting about the launch of TIDAL. We weren’t allowed to talk about it at the time, but yesterday, Jay Z announced TIDAL to the world!

It was an honor for The Fig House to host and roomforty to cater for such spectacular guests. Check out this short clip from the meeting!

roomforty Featured on Life & Thyme


Photo Cred: Melissa Ryan

Antonio Diaz from Life & Thyme sat down with Steve to talk about how roomforty first emerged into the world of catering and how they became the first ‘Restaurant Without Walls’.

(excerpt from Life & Thyme)

“Just keep pushing, guys!” Chef Libry called out to his kitchen brigade as they worked like an assembly line plating hundreds of dishes. On the plate is garganelli, chicken pate, house made ricotta, and crispy pork belly. Servers waited patiently outside of the kitchen with large wooden blocks to deliver the finished plates to the hundred or so guests sitting inside The Fig House, a venue space in Los Angeles.

I should be networking with the guests attending roomforty’s popup dinner with winemaker Paix Sur Terre, but you’re more likely to find me inside the kitchen observing and chatting with the cooks at most dinners. I’m intrigued by the whole process as I’ve never seen a catering company place so much attention to detail on presentation and flavor.

roomforty is no ordinary catering company. Their philosophy and flawless execution is more like a fine dining restaurant with extreme care for the food and a knack for hospitality. Although roomforty can be hired to cater events, they often host their own pop-up dinners with select winemakers at their beautiful space, The Fig House—designed by Emily Henderson.

I sat down with owner Steve Fortunato—who previously worked at Patina Group—to learn about about his personal journey and hear the story of how roomforty came to be.


DesignLoveFest + Moon Canyon Wreath Workshop

We were graciously asked to create a holiday inspired menu for a bunch of lovely ladies attending a festive wreath workshop hosted by Designlovefest and taught by moon canyon.

What a fun a delicious way to get into the holiday spirit!

Here are a few photos from the day all beautifully taken by Brittany Wood.

The set up.

An amazing display of wreath possibilities by moon canyon.

Grilled Cheese with brioche and brie + smoked tomato bisque, perfect for these chilly days coming our way.

Butterscotch Pudding with thyme panna cotta and sweet potato brittle.

Sweet Potato Tartlettes with house made marshmallow and cranberry crumble.

Deviled Eggs with chipotle “caviar” house cured bacon, and homemade pickle.

A special thanks to all involved for having us, and to Brittany Wood for taking all of the wonderful photos.

Wishing you all a great beginning to the holiday season from roomforty!

Amanda + Christian: Spanish Colonial in Montecito

This was a fun wedding coordinated by our friends La Fete Weddings in Montecito. Amanda and Christian wanted a Spanish flare to their menu, while keeping the menu modern, market driven, and whimsical. We’re often approached with a desired “theme” for a wedding. Under the leadership of La Fete, with the help of great, trusting clients, a staggering setting, and a well thought out menu–the thematic cohesion of this wedding was fantastic. amandachristian6amandachristian4

Tacos and margaritas. As good is gets. Cilantro Margaritas, with taco coronets, filled with braised short rib, avocado mousse, and jalapeño chimichurri. amandachristian5amandachristian3amandachristian7

Our plating planks always get people excited. Dramatic, efficient, memorable, and a great way to serve a lot of dishes without feeling like you’re at a hotel ballroom. amandachristian8


A huge thanks to Mi Belle Photographers for the amazing photos. They did an amazing job capturing the magic of this day. A huge thanks to La Fete for letting us be part, and of course and huge thanks to Amanda and Christian. Happy Marriage!

Big Sur Destination Wedding with Bash Please


We love working with our friends from BashPlease. Especially when they bring us amazing clients like James and Tomasina who have a passion for food, and a commitment to providing their guests with a meal to remember for their wedding feast. bigsurbashplease_1 bigsurbashplease_3 bigsurbashplease_10

We don’t automatically serve bread at weddings–for lots of reasons, but when we do, we go for it. James and Tomasina wanted the roomforty breadboards at the ready when guests were seated–which include all house made breads and lavash, pickled vegetables and fruit, house made ricotta and local honey. bigsurbashplease_4

For their hors d’oeuvres–they opted for whimsical and accessible–our version of chicken and waffles, waygu beef corn dogs, duck sausage on bao buns, salmon tartare, and our take on bruschetta. bigsurbashplease_7 bigsurbashplease_5 bigsurbashplease_8 bigsurbashplease_6 bigsurbashplease_9As a former chef, James has a passion for great market products–so we made sure that our “farm to form” approach had loads of market produce — from organic beets, to nante carrots, to seasonal cherries pickled for the breadboards, to baby candied crab apples for dessert–California farm produce was a big part of their menu.

bigsurbashplease_13Suffice it to say–this was the favorite wedding cake we’ve ever served. Who needs fondant and angel food when you can eat CHEESE!! bigsurbashplease_11r

All these beautiful photos were shot by Christian Cruz for Max and Friends. Thanks to our amazing clients James and Tomasina for letting us be part of such an amazing celebration. Thanks to our partners in crime BashPlease, pharmacie and Christian Cruz of Max and Friends for being such incredible colleagues to work with. And thanks to Northern California for just being unassumingly awesome. The full menu is below.

Stephanie + Scott : Santa Barbara

We were so excited to work with our friend Beth Helmstetter for this awesome destination wedding for an incredible couple. Stephanie and Scott are SUPER passionate about food–and knowing that is the one element of a wedding that nurtures the guests, really wanted to make the wedding meal memorable. We were happy to oblige. stephaniescott5

Santa Barbara’s stunning Villa Sevillano delivered a staggering backdrop.

Cheese is always a festive part of the cocktail hour. And the key to a great cheese display–is having someone there to serve it. That service component ensures the presentation stays beautiful, and adds a festive and interactive component to the display.

We love getting a little whimsical with our menus. We call the dish below: “cedar planked salmon” but it’s our version of an arctic char crudo. We make blood orange pearls look like salmon roe, and serve the dish on little individual cedar planks. Starting meals this way add a little more impact than starting with a green salad.

Fresh pasta–the stuff summer mid courses are made of. The full menu is listed below.

It’s not often our brides and grooms grab us and say: “hey we want a picture with our caterer!” (there’s a few other photos they need to take) Loved working with this amazing couple and wishing them a beautiful marriage! A huge thanks to Beth Helmstetter for including us in this special day, and to Tec Petaja for the awesome photos.
stephaniescott2Stephanie and Scott also leaned on us for wine pairings. We thought this menu was perfect for the wines of Lone Madrone, made by our friend Neil Collins. The wines pairings are listed below.

Hors D’oeuvres for the Kids with Joy For Nod

Joy for Nod hosted by roomforty + the Fig House

Our friend Joy Cho of Oh Joy recently released a line with Land of Nod, and the product line release party, aptly labeled “joy for nod” was a festive gathering at the Fig House. They called on us to come up with our version of children’s finger foods, that the grown ups would still enjoy–and we had a blast doing it!

first photo

So much about this event was fun. The nod tour bus, the always elegant floral work of yasmine floral design, the crafts for the kids–we loved it.

collage 1

the menu

pb+ j lollipops. house made peanut butter + jelly. pain du mie.

mini philly cheesesteak sliders. rib eye. poached onion. farmer’s cheese.

mini waygu beef corn dogs. violet mustard. curry ketchup.

tomato + grilled cheese. smoked tomato bisque. brioche + brie grilled cheese coins.

macaroni + cheese. 4 cheeses. brioche bread crumbs.

crab croquettes. house made tartar. borage flowers.

worms + dirt. cherry gummi worms. graham soil.

campfire s’mores. graham soil. chocolate + coffee ganache. house made marshmallow.

Libry had a blast coming up with our approach to the right menu items. What would kids party be without PB+J. We just did a bit of twist. House made peanut butter and jelly, pain du mie for the bread, garnished with colored sugar crystals, and for a little extra fun…lolli popped + building blocked!


For the mini corn dogs–we used waygu beef (American style kobe), and garnished with violet mustard and house made curry ketchup.


A couple of signature comfort items were added–the philly cheese steak sliders, crab lollipops and our mac and cheese with brioche bread crumbs. We don’t know too many friends that still buy campbells tomato soup–but back in the day, a little campbells tomato soup and wonder bread grilled cheese made everything better. Our version, smoked tomato bisque, and brioche and brie grilled cheese coins.

mac and cheese

We called this one: “worms and dirt”. Using a little molecular gastronomy, Libry made house made cherry gummi worms and it was scary how much they looked like earthworms. The “dirt” was graham soil. Potted in mini terra cotta, the kids loved it. Is that face priceless or what!


The signature s’mores with campfire smoke might be what you’re looking at. Or, you might be looking at the schnazzy aprons donned by our servers. They’re made by that awesome girl hula-hooping in the picture below, Ellen Bennett. Hedley Bennett aprons have taken over the world of hospitality–with literally the top chefs in the world wearing her aprons. We’d be hula-hooping too. Well play madame. Well played indeed.


By now, most roomforty friends have heard of Emily Henderson, but if you haven’t–she designed the Fig House, and she’s awesome. And Charlie her little boy ate 48 PB+J lollipops that day, which is why he’s such a chunk. (that’s a joke).

collage 2

All in all, a super fun family event. A huge thanks to Joy and to Land of Nod for letting us serve this event. All you parents out there–go to Land of Nod and buy all of Joy’s line, and then call us after it’s set up and we’ll cater your “I just got awesome furniture for my kid” party.